Managing your printer environment can be frustrating when
dealing with many devices and an overworked IT team.

To keep your printer fleet running effortlessly, IMS Managed Print Services can help businesses
streamline their print processes and increase efficiency, reducing up to 30% of printing related costs.

Do you have a current strategy
for your basic business printing?
Do you know how much your company is spending on printing and printer
Could you be
spending less?

FACT: U.S. corporations spend 1 to 3% of total annual revenue on printing.

The average company spends 6% of annual revenue on the hard costs of document production (assets, consumables, service and support). Imagine how much expense that represents in your company. IMS Managed Print Services (MPS) is tailored to the specific size and needs of your business. By understanding your pains, we are able to give you real solutions in a simple, four-step process.

Our Proven Process Optimizes Your Print Environment.


Monitor the activity of your actual print environment to pinpoint
inefficiencies and identify opportunities for savings.


Devise, test and implement a comprehensive plan to enhance imaging
fleet performance. Costs for equipment, service and supplies are
optimized and combined into a single fixed cost that a company can
manage, control and budget.


IMS proactively manages your print environment resulting in:

●Enhanced fleet uptime and efficiency.
● Boosted ROI on your capital expenditures.
● Reduced demands on your IT staff.
● Minimal impact of overall print expenditures.


On-going technical, logistical and operational support as well as a
comprehensive quarterly review to ensure your goals and budget
targets are met or surpassed.

IMS has been providing our clients with reliable service,
quality answers, and cost-effective solutions for 20+ years.

Equip your business with reliable technology and consistent service, only at IMS.

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