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IMS empowers your business with both.

About IMS

At Information Management Solutions (IMS), we are
committed to helping clients increase efficiencies
and productivity while controlling costs.

Our industry-leading suite of quality hardware products, custom software,
supplies, and service options allows us to present the best cost-effective
solution for our client’s individual needs. All IMS offerings come with
responsive, professional, and personal attention unmatched in today’s
business world.
IMS works with clients to provide automated data collection technologies,
from barcode labeling/RFID tagging to RF-based warehouse management
systems that help our customers show immediate returns through
streamlined operations, increased productivity, and a significant reduction
in costs.
In addition, IMS provides solutions that can automate your document-driven
business processes in a more timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner
by utilizing our managed print and document management solutions.


A unique experience tailored to you

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Intelligent Solutions


Software Solutions

Maintenance Services

Managed Print Services

Media and Supplies


Equip your business with proven technology
solutions, customized to your business and
workflows so you can work more efficiently
and take your business to the next level.


  • Printers (Thermal/Barcode, Laser, Card, Inkjet)

  • Barcode Scanners

  • Mobile Computers

  • RFID Equipment

  • Office Copiers

IMS is a Zebra Advanced
Business Partner and a Zebra
Authorized Service Provider

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Maintenance Services

IMS Managed Print Services

Managing your printer environment can be frustrating when dealing with many devices and an overworked IT team. To keep your printer fleet running effortlessly, IMS Managed Print Services can help businesses streamline their print processes and increase efficiency, reducing up to 30% of printing related costs

IMS On-Site Services

In the past, onsite services have typically been viewed as a costly option. However, with IMS this service can be very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of downtime for your company.  You also need to consider the costs, often overlooked, of lost productivity and cost effectiveness.

IMS Depot Service

IMS offer Depot services very quick and with reliable response. Equipment might be covered by a repair and return service, if the equipment can be down for days or utilize the option of next day replacement shipped from the depot facility to your location.

IMS has been providing our clients with reliable service,
quality answers, and cost-effective solutions for 20+ years.

Equip your business with reliable technology and consistent service, only at IMS.

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