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"Quite frankly, I discovered IMS years ago at an IBM AS/400 announcement meeting where they had an information booth. I have continued to do business with them ever since, and have really appreciated and valued the relationship that our company has established with them over the years.”
P.R., Cincinnati, Ohio

"When you call IMS, you know you are going to get a "live" person, and not a recording. It is very reassuring to me to have someone personally handling my call...not a recorder!"
D.S., Dublin, Ohio

"We’ve been doing business with IMS since the early 1990’s. As far as I’m concerned, once you find a company that gives you good pricing, great service and flexible solutions. Why look anywhere else?"
M.B., Houston, Texas

"Doing business with IMS is like having additional employees that work for me without having them on my payroll."
T.V., Lakeland, Florida

"One stop shopping! That’s what I like! We go to IMS for all our hardware, supplies and maintenance. It is so much more productive and efficient to have one proven and trusted go to partner."
B.J., Aurora, Illinois

"I’ve been doing business with IMS for several years now, and have purchased every piece of hardware we have from them except the original AS/400 that I got directly from IBM. They’re easy to do business with, extremely responsive to all of our needs, and very concerned about our satisfaction. There aren’t many companies today that do business with that personal, customer-first attitude like these folks!”
B.B., Lexington, Kentucky

"I am extremely satisfied with response time, quality of products, pricing and your efforts with us. Feel free to forward this email to any potential customers on your great performance. You guys really help me out, and I look forward to doing business with you again and again."
A.W., Clinton, TN

"We continue to use IMS mainly because of their responsiveness and desire to go that extra step. That’s important because when we need something, we usually need it now, or sooner! I have found that when I work with IMS, I really can save time and money, plus, I don’t have to worry because you know what you’ll receive will be right, and right on time."
M.L., Kansas City, Missouri

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IMS is proud to again be named a Zebra Advanced Business Partner as well as a Zebra Authorized Service Provided (ZASP). IMS can provide both on site and depot Zebra printer service.

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