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Thermal Label Printers - Barcode Printing

Thermal label printers in general are the best technology for printing bar codes because of their ability to produce precise edge definition and excellent accuracy. These printers are also highly utilized to print to adhesive back labels as well as labels that are resistant to water, spills, cold, heat and other harsh environments.

Let the IMS Professionals assist you in choosing the proper printer and media to best solve your printing needs.

Consistent, high volume, high quality, mission critical printing
Powerful performance in a space saving solution
Portable printing for on-site or on-demand printing
Radio frequency identification technology for digitally encoding data into an RFID tag or smart label

Thermal Transfer vs. Direct Thermal Thermal Transfer (TT): Thermal Transfer printing is when the heat from the printhead is applied to the ribbon. The material on the ribbon is then transferred to the label media. As you’ll read later, this method is easier on the printhead, as the back of the ribbon is very smooth and protects the printhead from the friction of the media. Because TT printing uses a ribbon, it also opens up other options regarding the type of ribbon and label media. More information on media is offered later.

Direct Thermal (DT): Direct Thermal printing is where the printhead comes in direct contact with the label media. There’s a coating on the label media that turns black as heat is applied to it. Because of this, no ribbon is required. You might be thinking that this would be a less-expensive method of printing because you don’t have to buy ribbons. However, this method will also wear down the printhead faster than with thermal transfer. Paper is coarse and will break the printhead down over time. Also, the edge of each label strikes the printhead, causing further breakdown. You won’t have to buy ribbons, but you’ll have to buy more printheads, which are expensive.

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Bottom line, there is little-to-no difference in the cost of operation between TT and DT. Another downside to DT printing is that the labels will turn yellow over time, and the print will fade to a faint gray. Overnight carriers typically use DT labels because the labels only need to last a day or two. It is reasonable to expect a DT label to last about 6 months. One last thing to remember - heat is what causes the label to change from white to black. Keep the labels from storefronts, jewelry cases, and lighting centers.

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IMS is proud to again be named a Zebra Advanced Business Partner as well as a Zebra Authorized Service Provided (ZASP). IMS can provide both on site and depot Zebra printer service.

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